How many contestants will be in each division?

The number of delegates in each division will depend on the number of people entering! 

What if my / my childs birthday falls between the time I register and the time of the competition?

The Australian Regency competition actually goes off the international competition timeline. This means the division you are placed in will be based off your age come August 1st of the following year! (If you are 18 years old at the time of our Nationals in October but have a birthday in June the following year this will mean you’ll be 19 come August 1 so you’d be placed in the Miss division). 

If I register and pay the applicable fees and something comes up to where we cannot attend, will you offer a refund?

Please contact us to review our refund policy (yes! We have one!)

Will I be able to take photos and video of my child during the pageant?

We request that no photos be taken during the final phase of competition. We will have professional photographers in attendance and any outside flash photography can heavily impact the quality of their work. Photo packages will be available for purchase for each competition. 

Does my child need to have pageant or modelling experience to enter?

No, in fact beginners are highly encouraged! Our platform is designed to aid in personal and professional growth!

What is the major prize?

The major prize for each division winners is their place on Team Australia to compete in the Regency Pageant International final based in Las Vegas, USA! Winners also receive an assortment of other prizes!

Do you supply delegates with attire?

No. However we can direct you to places where you can purchase new or pre-loved items!

When does the payment need to be received?

An initial deposit of $100 is required to cement your place within the competition. From there you have up until 4 weeks prior to the competition date to finalise your balance.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept a variety of payment methods. Online Bank Transfer, Direct Deposit, Credit Card and even afterpay! 

Do I need to provide music for my child’s time on stage and does she need a routine?

No, we will supply the music for each section of competition. We will also have set choreography and walking patterns for each delegate to follow.

Will you be using last names during the competition ?

No. This helps to protect the privacy of those involved. 

Who will the judges be?

The judge panel will consist of individuals whom are highly respected in their industries. Our judges change from competition to competition. Judges biographies are announced on the day of competition. 

What do i wear?

You can review our handbook to see examples and read up on what’s required in terms of outfits.

How should i wear my hair and make-up on the day?

Hair and makeup should be age appropriate and suit your personal style and flair. Ultimately the style is completely up to you!

How are the winners determined?  Will I receive the score sheet?

After each round score sheets will be collected and points entered in to an auto-sum spreadsheet. After all sections are complete the person with the highest score will win their division. 

Scores and feedback will be sent out within 5 business days of the competition ending.