How many contestants will be in each age group?

The number of contestants in each age group will depend on the contestants entering! It can range from 2 people up to 6.

What if my / my childs birthday falls between the time I register and the time of the pageant?

The age division you or your child will be placed will be based on the age you are on pageant day. 

If I register and pay the applicable fees and something comes up to where we cannot attend the pageant, will you offer a refund?

A 50% refund will be provided should you be unable to attend on the day.

 What is the charge for family and friends to come and watch the pageant?

General admission tickets are $10 and we request these be purchased prior to pageant day so we can ensure quality control. For non competing children aged between 3 and 12 entry will cost $5 and Children 3 and under are FREE.

Will I be able to take photos and video of my child during the pageant?

You may take images of YOUR child only. Should you be caught taking pictures of another persons child (without parental constant) you may be asked to leave the venue. This is for the safety and wellbeing of all children present on the day.

Does my child need to have pageant or modeling experience to enter your pageant?

No, in fact beginners are highly encouraged.

Do you supply contestants with attire?

No. However we can direct you to places where you can purchase new or pre-loved items!

When does the payment need to be received?

Your deposit ($50) needs to be paid at time of registration. The balance of the entry payment must be paid at least 2 weeks prior to the pageant date.   

How long will I / my child be on stage?

For each of our sections our contestants are allocated 60-90 seconds on stage.

Do I need to provide music for my child’s time on stage and does she need a routine?

We will supply the music for the formal section of the day however, each contestant must supply their own music for theme wear, fashion wear and also any optional sections entered in to. Music must be submitted no later than 1 week prior to the pageant. The contestant is not required to have a routine on stage, but will need to pose on the “X” marks. With that said, having a set routine can add ‘WOW’ factor and may assist in receiving higher scores for that section.

Music must be in MP3 format.

Is my daughter required to speak?

No, at Future Faces we do not have an introduction section or Q&A section.

Do the winners have any duties?

No, winners will not have duties.

How can I best prepare my daughter for the pageant?

Simple rules to follow – Be polished, smile, have fun, be age appropriate and make good eye contact with the judges’ panel.  

…and remember – practice makes perfect. If a contestant would like to use a coach we can provide a list of possible options.

What if my child doesn’t walk yet?

An adult may accompany your child on the stage (for ages 3 and under unless the contestant has a disability and requires assistance) Entrants eligible to have an assistant will not be marked down. If a helper is required on stage it is requested that the helper be dressed in all black to ensure attention isn’t taken away from the contestant.

Will you be using my daughter’s last name during the pageant?

No, to protect the children’s privacy we will only use first names.

 If I live out of state can I still enter the pageant?

Yes. We often have interstate competitors travel for our competitions.

Who will the judges be?

The judge panel will consist of 2 individuals whom are highly respected in their industries. Our judges change from pageant to pageant. This allows for more variances in our results with each competition.

What do i win?

Each contestant will be awarded with a Tiara and sash on the day as well as an additional gift. The size of the Tiara will depend on their overall placing on the day. Each age division will have an age queen and there are also 9 supreme titles up for grabs!

What do i wear?

You can review our handbook to see examples and read up on what’s required in terms of outfits.

How should i wear my hair and make-up on the day?

Hair and makeup should be age appropriate. Find a style that suits you. We do not allow large hair pieces / hair falls. 

Can i wear a flipper?

No. We do not allow flippers. A child will not be marked down on points for not having missing teeth, etc.

How is judging scored?

Each contestant will receive points for their stage presence, confidence, smile, modelling ability, personality and attire. Overall we would like to see an entrant that is happy on stage. Where elegance is important in the beauty portion of the day it is equally important to show as much ‘sass and personality’ in the theme, fashion and optional portions as well. 

How are the score sheets tallied and winners determined?  Will I receive the score sheet?

After each round score sheets will be collected and points entered in to an auto-sum spreadsheet. After all compulsory sections are complete the person with the overall highest score will win our Ultimate Grand Supreme title. As we do not double crown we then move down our results sheet to determine the winners for each of the other sections!

For each division we will award 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Highly commended for each section.

Final scores will then be emailed out to contestants within 72 hours of the pageant concluding.