DIRECTOR: Meet Kim Cancellier, The Director of the National Australian Miss Program. Over the years Kim has cemented her placing within the pageant industry across a multitude of levels, from competitor to judge, stylist, host, mentor and director. Having held several National and international titles such as Mrs Universe Australia, Mrs Continents Australia and Mrs Regency Australia (just to name a few) Kim has a strong understanding of what it takes to not only be successful within the industry but to run a successful program.

When creating the National Australian Miss Program Kim wanted to ensure that the focus was not on beauty itself but what a person has to offer to those around them, what a person can gain from competing and to firmly cement the motto of ‘Dynamic Confidence’ in to the program delegates. What is ‘Dynamic Confidence’? To put it simply, It’s all about progression and not perfection.

When her director hat isn’t on, Kim is a wife and mother to 4 young children and is also an internationally accredited Image Consultant.

The motto that Kim lives by is “Speech is power, Speech is to persuade, to covert and compel”. Standing firm by this motto, Kim uses her voice to speak out against topics she is passionate about like Domestic Violence Awareness along with a variety of other topics.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS CO-ORDINATOR: Meet Jennifer Hunt. Jen is the programs Health and Wellness co-ordinator. With all the training, experience and know-how behind her Jen has proven a valuable asset to our team and not to mention, her extensive industry knowledge both on and off the stage!

The physical and mental wellbeing of each of our delegates is always at our forefront. At our events that carry over days Jen will be found speaking to our delegates and helping to put them in the right mindset for competition.

HAIR AND MAKEUP: Meet the Team at Wye Creative, managed by the ever talented Bec. Wye Creative have been the programs go to and recommended Hair and Makeup Artists for many years now and have never failed to disappoint! The team fully understand the different types of makeup and styles required to suit each particular event. Whether you’re on stage, ready for filming or behind a lens the Wye Team will have you looking your most fabulous self!

VIDEOGRAPHY: Meet Motion Mad Media! Our official Videographers for our National Finals! We were introduced to the MMM team and were so impressed with their work we just knew we wanted to continue a partnership! The quality of their work is exceptional and the MMM team go above and beyond to ensure we get to look back on some amazing footage!